Brett Harkness Photography Training Manchester

Every so often I like to attend a photography workshop. It’s not only important for me to develop my skills and learn new techniques, It’s also a fantastic way to meet fellow like minded photographers and generally just have lots of fun doing what I love and ultimately to the benefit of my clients. It was an easy decision for me to choose to attend one of Brett Harkness Photography Training courses.

This one in particular was learning the fundamentals of off camera flash and natural light for winter weddings. Although I do use flash and natural light, Brett has a totally different approach to flash than what I have learnt in the past. So I was excited to attend the training day in Manchester and meet the guy himself.

The day started off with a seminar at Brett’s home, he lives in a wonderful Georgian house in Bury just outside of Manchester. His wife and business partner Kris and fellow photographer James Davies were also there on the day to assist with the training and offer advise and answer any questions we had. After lunch we headed of to the Media City area of Manchester to shoot in and around the Lowry Theatre. Below are a selection of my images from the day. I would highly recommend training with Brett, he’s a fantastic trainer and with his courses limited to 10/12 photographers this allows plenty of time to ask questions and get 1:1 time with the models.